About the Tathkrah-Group

The Tathkrah-Group was established in 2005 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Our headquarters are still located in Dubai. Our main activity was the import and export of goods to and from the UAE, also providing the necessary consulting and transportation services on a daily basis. With the opening of local representative offices in Luxembourg (the city of Luxembourg), Belgium (Antwerp), the United States of America (Philadelphia and Houston), we were able to serve our international customers even better. We handle a wide range of products as e.g. electronics, food-products, consumer products. We are also specialized in e.g. handling high-risk material, strategic goods, dual-use items, licensed and goods of special nature. Our customer is the most important asset we have. Every solution to his problem(s) is tailor-made. All our suppliers we work with in the different fields, are solid and traditional companies that are leaders in their industry. The services we offer our clients meet the highest international quality standards.

Our mission and vision

Since our start our mission has been to become the company with the highest customer-satisfaction rating in our domain. We were able to reach that level with endurance and professional experience. Projects that our competitors are afraid to tackle or do not know how to start, those projects are the ones we love the most. We are not afraid of any challenge, whatever the challenge is. We want to excel in all of our service in every step of the process in order to make our clients fully satisfied and by doing so, increase our clientele all over the world.

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